Tweets from the Conference

Tweets from the Conference

Thank you Amsterdam. 🙂

Check out this link for more information about Verhalende Journalistiek. Here’s a quick synopsis:

“Two days of monologue and dialogue on narrative journalism in a digital age.

This year’s conference will be all about narrative journalism going digital. Journalism is about empathy – about understanding other people. Distributing information has for long been a commodity. Today, with everybody always having access to information, it isn’t anymore. The skill that makes a bringer of news a journalist, is his ability to tell a story. It’s about authentic communication. And empathy is the thing that changes people’s minds.

This year’s conference is the first to have an official curator: Amy O’Leary. Amy has worked at This American Life, The New York Times, and now at Upworthy. She is fascinated by attention management and digital storytelling, and is often at the forefront of the digital storytelling conversation internationally, so she was a perfect fit for this role. We asked her to invite American storytellers and journalists who inspire her, and she’s done just that. Her invited speakers include Lam Thuy Vo (Wall Street Journal), John Keefe (WYNC), Julie Shapiro (Radiotopia) and others. Stay tuned as we update this site.”